Introduction to the Matrix Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser

The Story Behind Developing the Device

Article by Deborah Powell

In 2016 we released a new light therapy device called the Matrix Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser, which Matrix Therapy Products developed. The desire to bring this light to the market has been a long time coming. The wish list grew from years of playing with other light devices, dealing with my recovery from serious health issues, and my interest in therapy for rehabilitating horses.

I have been dabbling in color therapy for a few decades, and more so after a concussion in 2008 caused extensive damage to my neck. Neurological and heart issues were part of the problems that I had to recover from. During this time, I used muscle testing to determine the color to use in my treatments, and I found it fascinating how soothing it was to apply the positive-test color to my body. My research and first-hand experiences with light therapy’s benefits sparked me to develop a custom-designed light therapy device with all of the best features and functions. The result was the Matrix Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser.

Multi Colors

A whole color therapy industry with applications even mixing it with our microcurrent work. There used to be a floodlight-sized flashlight device with various colors for animals. It was a crude design, but horses responded positively to it. Treating with a mix of colors lets the body absorb what it needs.

With the Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser, you’ll get (all the colors it uses), and you can switch between all the colors on at once or use one of the individual color pens in red, blue, or green.

Dual Modality for the Best of Both

The Matrix Rainbow Meridian light therapy device has LED and Laser diodes, which can be used selectively or together during treatments. We added the combination of LED and Laser diodes because we enjoy the mix of the two and to please the two camps of opinion on which one is better.

Tapping into Meridians

The Chinese Meridians are another powerful component that helped me during my recovery. However, I could not take needles or even too much TENS stimulation, even in the low microamperage range we use. I found this also to be true when treating horses with certain types of neurological issues or those with a previous bad experience with higher output TENS devices.

To mix up my treatments, on alternate days, I would use light therapy on various meridians rather than microcurrent. While the treatment was beneficial, the light devices I could use were missing the frequencies for the specific meridians I had used in other devices. This contributed to the creation of several of the programs designated for meridians, and they work wonderfully.

A favorite way to work the Bladder Meridian is to select the Bladder program and scan the meridian with the multi-colors. You can switch to one of the individual pen colors for more specific acupoint work to stimulate, sedate, or balance.

Programs for Ease of Use

The natural step was to combine sets of frequencies with all colors and make the programs very easy to use. We included other great programs to cruise through and find what works best for your particular needs or condition.

Soothing & Effective Treatments

After six months of using this light, finding it works better than we could have imagined has been a pleasant surprise. It has this “whoosh” sensation that is so relaxing. It lets the fascia unwind, and I feel it seeks out my problem areas. Never before have I felt a light therapy device connect to body parts as the Rainbow Meridian does.

Customize with Accessories

With the accessories offered, you can do more specific work or use them to cover more territory. The work on horses is pretty amazing. We have only begun to gather information for this energetic therapy device. We’d love to hear about your results and experiences with the device, and you can share your stories using our Submission Form.

The Matrix Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser is an addition that fits very nicely with our products.

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