Locating Lameness

Locate Lameness with the Precision MicroStim or MENS Miva Microcurrent Instruments

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There several reasons why a Precision MicroStim or a MENS microcurrent therapy device makes perfect sense to own. Anyone with one or more performance horses that are being shown rigorously, put physical and mental stresses on their horses. Trainers that constantly have holes in their schedules from clients with lame horses will quickly appreciate their horses getting microcurrent therapy. In fact, anyone that wants to be able to do more to keep their horses sound, happy, and feeling their best will find microcurrent with diagnostic readings an asset to their program. (Update 2011: Best-Vet microcurrent devices have advanced biofeedback GSR, treat and locate problems simultaneously. Learn More.)

Microcurrent therapy seems to perform miracles to the newbies who have never seen it work. And to those of us that are well seasoned it’s simply “Yep” that problem is fixed, no big deal.

The reasons why people like owning a Precision or MENS microcurrent unit verses the many other microcurrent units on the market is for:

  1. The Diagnostic Feed Back (GSR)
  2. Low Maintenance (D Cell batteries required about once a year)
  3. Using the built in Ohm meter feature for equipment checks
  4. Easy-to-use accessories for “Non Needle Acupuncture”
  5. More affordable compared to competitors’ units
  6. How-To class available from Matrix(2-Day session recommended)

The Precision MicroStime and the MENS Miva are affordable microcurrent units and have more features than other units on the market, such as the Acuscope and Therascope. The units are practically maintenance free and it only takes a few minutes to replace the economical batteries yourself. The Acuscope and Therascope, on the other hand, charge hundreds of dollars and require you to send your unit in for a battery change.

For diagnostics, the Precision microcurrent unit and MENS Miva use built-in ohm meters, or indicator light panel, to help compare one area with another. With horses, the complexity of locating the lameness is often fraught with frustration. The usual diagnostics of X-rays, ultrasounds, nerve blocks, and other expensive tests do not always find the problem. This can be particularly true when lameness seems to be in the front and it really is coming from the hind end or it’s on the diagonal.

Microcurrent therapy with diagnostic capabilities can help stop medical costs when trying to resolve a horse injury or unsoundness. Microcurrent therapy units with diagnostics are for the proactive horse owner. Microcurrent units with GSR (diagnostics) can help horse owners hone in on the possible source of a horse’s unsoundness, discomfort, or injury. Often this information can be used to help decide which areas you would like a veterinarian to exam closer.

Another nice advantage of having the GSR diagnostic features is you can check your wires and other accessories you use with your machine to make sure they are functioning properly.

So how does GSR work?

It works on the idea that if normal amounts of electrical current are not found between two points compared to points on the exact opposite side there is a problem. Congested areas are like stopped traffic on a freeway. This stagnation is an indicator that the body is not functioning as it should. A few measurements are taken to isolate an area of concern. Low readings will indicate congestion and high readings can indicate inflammation or over-excited electrical pathways.

When areas of concern are located on a horse, this same microcurrent instrument is used by switching to treatment mode with a touch of a button (Note: advanced GSR units, i.e. the Best-Vet, can treat and locate at the same time). Treatment with microamperage restores electrical currents ability to flow, which helps heal the horse. Microcurrent is not pain blocking (there is some endorphin release), it simply enhances the body’s own ability to heal itself by increasing ATP (cellular energy). Many of the principals of microcurrent treatment are the same as using acupuncture with needles, although microcurrent therapy is safer and less complicated. Most horses prefer microcurrent therapy over needling.

Horse Injury Healing

When a horse’s subtle lameness or injury is caught early, then a few microcurrent treatments might be all it takes to restore a horse completely and quickly. With horse injuries that have tendon and ligament involvement, using microcurrent therapy helps produce a stronger collagen tissue without the weaker scar tissue. This means horses will heal with stronger tissue that is less prone to re-injure.

Microcurrent therapy works best when contributing factors have also been properly addressed. For example, if bad shoeing is the problem, then the horse’s poor shoeing needs to be resolved before microcurrent can help with the sore feet and shoulders. For some people, the shoeing can look perfect to them but the readings taken with the microcurrent instrument can help us to see that this might not be the case. It is easier to say to the farrier I think my horse’s clips on his shoes are too tight this time, that he acts sore, and his readings are not his usual.

Another example is if the readings across the back are low, then re-looking at the saddle fit would be a good idea. Vertebra misalignment and tissue atrophy that might be found from a horse’s from an ill-fitting saddle can be immediately addressed by treating with microcurrent therapy.

Veterinarian Involvement: It is extremely important to alert your veterinarian if your horse is injured and you can have further tests done by your veterinarian. This is especially true if there is no improvement after treating with microcurrent a few times or if the horse’s improvement is only short lived. If your veterinarian is trained in acupuncture they will most likely embrace your efforts because after a bit of microcurrent a needling session can be a remarkably heighten treatment. The Precision MicroStim and MENS Miva are famous for non-needle acupuncture and come with tools for surface electrical acupuncture.

In Summary

Microcurrent is an incredible therapy that every horse person should be aware of and hopefully use on their horse. Any microcurrent is better than none, so if you can’t afford a unit with GSR or a Best-Vet there are units that are economical to purchase. However, IF you can afford a Precision or Best-Vet you will join the many of us that feel they pay for themselves over and over again.

The Precision, MENS Miva, and BEST devices are for people that want more information, faster results, and pleasurable hands-on or hands-free treatment options for their horses. Microcurrent works alone or as an adjunct therapy enhancing the bodies own healing mechanisms. Microcurrent can treat the site of a horse’s injury or the horse’s entire body at once. There is nothing safer and more versatile in treatment styles than microcurrent.

Don’t wait- discover microcurrent for yourself.