Matrix Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser Device Case Studies

The Matrix Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser Light was sent out with a 30+ year veteran therapist who has extensive knowledge in therapy equipment and utilizes a multitude of bodywork methods. Here are four cases studies she shared. 

CASE 1: 19-year-old Mixed Draft Gelding

Injury: The horse had run into an arena wall and had a misaligned rib.

Treatment: The Matrix Rainbow Meridian light controller was placed on the Heart and Lung Association Points with the Green pen at a misaligned rib. While chatting, the four of us witnessed the horse take an extraordinarily deep breath and suddenly the shoulder shifted into place while we watched.

CASE 2: 3-year-old Andalusian Filly

As an almost 2-year-old, the mare was injured from getting cast and couldn’t walk. She became highly sensitive, not wanting anyone to touch her. She broke out in hives often, and her misery caused her to not want to eat.

  1. First Session: The mare’s sides were tight and drawn up when the therapist tried to touch her. She finally managed to get 10-15 minutes of work done on one side before the filly dropped to her knees and started rubbing her head and shoulders on the walls, ending the session. The therapist let the horse’s owner know she was not sure she could help this filly.
  2. Second Session: The therapist was called back for a second session, and decided to introduce the Matrix Rainbow Meridian Light Device set on the program for Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Stomach Meridians. Without touching the horse, the therapist held the device close to the horse’s ribcage for a few minutes. She was then able to do 15 minutes of bodywork on one side only. The filly had severe spinal tension in back, as well as neck and pelvis alignment issues.
  3. Third session: This time, the therapist held the Matrix Rainbow Meridian light near the horse’s ribcage on the opposite side. She was able to do 15 minutes of light and 15 minutes of bodywork on one side only again before the filly became agitated.
  4. Fourth session: Light was introduced to the other side and the horse tolerated only 15 minutes on that side. Again, like previous sessions, she had major reactions when trying to touch her. Even with light held close to her sides, the horse reacted by trying to get away. However, the owner was encouraged by signs of improvement, such as less hives, the horse’s neck was relaxing into a more normal position, and she could put her head down more comfortably. The light pad was moved to the front of the filly. She reached for it with her nose and stayed here in a relaxed stance.
  5. Fifth Session: Three weeks later, the filly was trotting around and happy to see the therapist. She was able to do bodywork on the right shoulder, left hip, and neck after doing 20 minutes of light first.
  6. Sixth Session: The filly is now doing light ground work and doing well. She was receptive to bodywork and stood quietly for her first full hour session, completely in the zone, wanting the work. The Matrix Rainbow Meridian light and accessory pad could be used over any part of the body. The therapist kept the light on programs for Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Stomach Meridians because of her positive response previously and felt it was important to continue supporting the horse’s digestive issues as well.

CASE 3: 4-year-old Warmblood gelding

Injury: While traveling in a horse trailer, the horse’s left leg had gotten hooked over a divider and his front feet ended up in the feed bag. His eye was injured, neck and spine were out of alignment, he had pelvis torsion, as well as a twist in his stifle that was locked.

Treatment: With horse in acute condition, the Matrix Rainbow Meridian light was used first. The therapist set it on the program for the Conception and Governing Vessels and then for Spleen, Liver, and Triple Heater meridians for the first hour. The horse instantly responded to the lights by holding close only over every problem area. After an hour, the therapist was able to go through the horse with bodywork, re-aligning him. This took another hour and the horse walked off sound. Next stop, a horse show.

CASE 4: 26-year-old Andalusian Gelding

The Issue: Developed heat in feet and quit eating, wouldn’t pick up his feet or allow anyone to pick them up. The owner put him on Bute, and was considering it might be the end of his time.

The Treatment: Placed the Matrix Rainbow Meridian light pad on his sternum with controller at his feet, and ran the Heart Meridian program on his front legs for one hour. Switched him to Buteless, but he still wouldn’t walk or eat.

A week later, he was doing a little better. The therapist repeated the treatment with the Matrix Rainbow Meridian lights for one hour, staying with Heart Meridian as before.

Ten days later, the horse walked up to the therapist and stuck his nose on the light pad. She did the same treatment again for an hour. When finished, he walked towards a visitor, stealing his sandwich. The horse’s old self was back.

One month later, he was perky and doing well. The therapist did a short feel good session.

Case Study Conclusion

The therapist’s conclusion is that the horses responded faster than expected.

The Matrix Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser device has a combination of Red, Infrared, Colors for color therapy. It also has specific frequency sets to support the Chinese Meridian System, the French Nogier system, and the Soffegio frequencies. All of these features, along with its other treatment options, results in a tremendous ability and versatility to help horses with this device all the while being gentle in nature and supportive of fascia, organs, and the musculoskeletal system.

The Matrix Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser is not only for those very difficult cases, but should be an excellent option for general soreness from performance and other work.