PEMF Ring is Saving a 14 Year Old Labrador

Roaker, our 14-year-old Lab, was failing fast. After a terrible day of finding him in the morning unable to get up, laying in the split position in his waste, When I got him up, he fell over again, collapsing into the split position with his hind legs. This repeatedly happened with him trying to get away from me.  My daughter came out and got him up again, and this time, he stayed up and could go outside; however, he declined our usual morning walk—only the second time in his life to do so.

Old man syndromes started with arthritis and COPD, ending his swimming, hiking, and trail riding with horses. In this case, respiratory heart failure is what I thought would be his end. Walks were slow, languid strolls so he could recover his breathing. His eyesight is gone with cataracts, and most of his hearing has been gone for over a year. When he lost his hearing, the anxiety started. The new thing was that he would run away from us if he had trouble. Like a toddler- running away saying no, no, no, I don’t want your help. This made it harder for me to treat his ailments like in the past. So, I left him alone, no longer doing the microcurrent therapy or light. We increased his supplements, hoping that those might keep him comfortable. 

After experimenting with supplements, I landed on a program that seemed to work the 

best- until it didn’t.  So, I added a new supplement to his regime, making him more energetic -not what I expected. But, his body was failing to keep up with the latest energy level, particularly the breathing, so I added the PEMF Ring after several customers mentioned how it helped their old dogs. And that was helping until this week. 

We discussed that it was time to let him go, and I was ready to make the call, but with the bad weather, we decided to wait until it cleared up – or at least until the roads were no longer icy. The forecast predicted better weather by the weekend; it was Tuesday when Roaker was his worst. 

The only physical therapy tool he gets is the PEMF Ring, reclassified by the FDA as PSWT (pulsed short wave therapy)- radio frequency. I looped it through his collar to lay on his withers and spinal column. I would turn it off at bedtime and on again first thing in the morning, figuring he didn’t need support and pain management with his sound sleeping. 

Seeing how likely his last days were, I went into a fog and didn’t turn off his PEMF Ring at night. I dragged more area rugs to any place he laid down to ensure he had a better grip when getting up. The change was almost immediate! Thursday, he trotted off for our walk a few hundred feet before slowing down for a rest break. In a 1/4 mile walk, he’ll usually rest 4-5 times. By Friday, only two rest breaks!  And today, he trotted off and did his normal sniffing around- but no rest breaks! The clincher is that he’s breathing better. How is this even possible? 

Maybe this is his last hurrah, but I’ll take it. It’s incredible to give him this time to feel better. 

Who would have guessed that leaving the ring 24/7 could make that much of a difference? 

Update:  3 weeks later, Roaker is affected by barometer changes and the weather that goes with that, but overall, I am convinced that leaving the ring on 24/7 works. He even waits for us to assist him now!