PEMF (PSWT) Ring or Square – Product Highlight Update

Many wonder why, as an outspoken zealot against some PEMF products that I carry the PEMF Ring. The answer is simple: It is low powered and very subtle compared to the high powered versions being used on horses and even people. Using this tiny version allows you to put the device right where support is needed for sore areas.  This low level of output decreases exposure, which alleviates the concerns for safety factors. Additionally, it is more closely connected to the studies that show low-powered PEMF devices can improve circulation and provide pain relief.

The PEMF Ring (or Square)-  (which stands for pulsed electromagnetic field) actually has been reclassified by the FDA to Pulsed Shortwave Therapy (PSWT) to distinguish the significant differences between the high gauss, low frequency devices from high frequency, low gauss versions. The PEMF (PSWT) Ring uses a high range radio frequency and is less than 10 milligauss is now referenced as a pulsed shortwave therapy device. Six hours of treatment delivers the equivalent of 20 minutes spent with a high voltage machine. 

The PEMF (PSWT) Ring is very easy to use with a simple On/Off button with light indicator. It lasts for 700 hours of use and is very easy to apply, just loosely wrap or secure with tape or leave in it’s plastic bag and place and you are good to go!


  • Frequency: 27.1 MHz RF
  • Pulses: shortwave modulated 1 kHz w/100 uS pulses
  • Penetration greater than 1cm
  • < 10 milligauss

Primary Benefits:

  • No setup, simply affix to animal
  • Improves localized circulation
  • General Pain Relief
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Joint Pain

As with all our products, the low-level PEMF Ring emits a low dose and is a therapeutic method of helping our animals. It is a disposable product that is budget friendly!

Great for Horses & Dogs too!

We have a few stories of elderly dogs utilizing the PEMF Ring by attaching it to their collar. With regular treatments over time there have been remarkable improvements! Our favorite story is of 13-year old Pearl, a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. As she got older, her health started to fail. She couldn’t climb stairs due to painful hocks and had poor stamina. Her owner decided to try the PEMF Ring, placing it cross-body on Pearl. With regular treatments over the next six months, she was able to run, climb stairs, and keep up with her sister with plenty of energy to spare.