Quick Facts: Matrix MCT Patch for Equines

250 hours of microcurrent therapy in a disposable patch

Frequently Asked Questions about the Matrix MCT Patch
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The Matrix MCT Patch is a battery-operated, disposable microcurrent unit great for 24/7 pain relief and to promote the body’s own healing mechanisms. Studies have shown that microcurrent therapy promotes Type 1 collagen production, not Type 3 (scar tissue) in tendons and ligaments reducing the incidence of chronic degeneration and re-injury.

The MCT Patch is a drug-free treatment that is easy to use and store. The patches are safe around water and provide an average of 200 to 500 hours of use.

The MCT Patch can be used to treat any part of the horse and offers the benefits of microcurrent therapy.

Note: Do not use on pregnant animals. Do not place directly over open wounds. And do not use to treat laminitis.

Plain Aloe (with no additives) works, however it breaks down quickly and the patch will need to be checked in the morning and evening to ensure the light is still on. UltraPhonic (Up Gel) is a plain, no additive, high viscosity ultrasound gel and is better for conductivity than plain Aloe. The best option is the Matrix Gel with arnica, which is a medicinal and high viscosity gel that is ideal for conductivity. The Matrix Arnica Gel is medicinal for inflammation and tissue bruising, therefore helps the horse’s healing process.

Applying the patch: To treat with the microcurrent therapy patch, the site is wetted to match the size of the pads with a dab of Matrix Gel or other gel. The patches are placed over the wet areas and then wrapped with a light-colored vet wrap (yellow works best) so the red light is still visible. For treating locations other than legs, use Tac Gel to help stick patch in place, then secure with tape – remembering to keep indicator light visible. It may also be necessary to clip excess hair prior to treatment. Note: DO NOT shave down to skin.

Remember: Without a sufficient amount of gel, the microcurrent patch will not work. So be sure to add a dab of gel the size of a quarter to each patch prior to applying the patch to your horse.


Groom the area to be treated. Select exact locations for pad placement. Wet through the horse’s hair to the skin matching the size of each patch. Tip: Work hair backwards with your  fingers. Do not shave.


Remove patches from the plastic wrap. Test before applying, check that the red light comes on by gently touching the corners together. Add a quarter size dab of gel (i.e. Matrix Gel, Aloe Vera Gel or ultrasound gel. Tip: Use extra gel for frog area of a horse’s hoof.


Place both patches on treatment sites being very careful to keep on prepared wetted areas. For legs, secure with vet wrap and verify that red light is on. If placed on the trunk of the body, adhere with a square of masking or duct tape surrounding the patch. Be very careful not to pull on wires. To treat the bottom of the hoof, use additional gel and place patch on the frog area. Cover with padding to make a level surface, then over all with vet wrap and duct tape, put the foot down and secure red light patch at the coronet band with light colored vet wrap and masking tape. Place vertically with red light above for tendon and ligaments or side to side for joints.


Check twice daily to be sure red light is on and wrap is not too tight or loose. If red light is out, remove and prepare site again. Do NOT pull on wires. Most likely the site has become too dry. After use, clean any excess hair or debris from the patches and place back on plastic backing. You may wish to mark the package with each horse’s name and keep for that animal’s use to prevent cross contamination. The patch can be worn continuously for 2-4 days.

There is only limited availability of the MCT Patches with circuits. These patches have two parts that make a complete component. The first part is the circuit and the second are patches that have a snap button on them.

The circuit snaps onto the patches and it is ready to be applied. When the patches become soiled the circuit can be removed and put on fresh patches. Each Matrix MCT Patch kit for equines comes with one circuit and three sets of white foam backed patches. MCT Patches with circuits can be used for iontophoresis.

Technical Information
This product has not been proven or tested in any clinical trials for equine use. Use at your own risk. For animal use, there is no expressed warranty.

Result of pulled wires is intermittent light or no light at all, thus the circuit will not work. Red light side is the positive patch attached by 9” wire to the negative patch.

Rated output voltage: 2.7v DC @ 45 µA. Store the MCT Patch at room temperature in a dry place. Internally powered equipment. Continuous use reduces battery life faster. Discard properly when dead.

The only time Matrix Therapy Products will exchange a MCT Patch is if it is a DOA (Damaged on Arrival). To qualify, MCT Patch must be pristine – just opened but never used and found to not turn on. DOA patches are extremely rare.

Shipping Information
Matrix Therapy Products Online Store calculates shipping rates based on UPS prices. However, if the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a better rate and shorter ship time, Matrix will choose USPS Priority Mail to decrease customer’s expense. (FOB – Oregon).

The MCT Patches will last 200-500 hours. If the patch is left on 24/7, which is important to do to treat some horse’s injuries, then the patch is working harder and does not last as long. If the patch is worn for shorter durations then it will typically last much longer. If the patch is lasting less than 200 hours this means it is working too hard and it is recommended to treat the horse’s problem with additional forms of microcurrent therapy. If the battery is lasting over 500 hours it indicates it is only treating for maintenance, not an injury.

Red light tells you it’s on: One side of the circuit houses a small battery and a red light indicator. When applied, the red light comes on and when removed and put back on the plastic storage sheets the red light automatically turns off, indicating the unit is powered down.

Light stays on after removal. This sometimes occurs due to the moisture in the equine environment. The patch is not being ruined and no substantial amount of battery is being used, it is just the bulb that is lit. Patch needs to be laid out to dry before being stored on its plastic sheet.

The following are important things to know about using the MCT Patch.

  1. Not enough gel. Without a sufficient amount of gel, the patch will not work.
  2. Light stays on after removal. This sometimes occurs due to the moisture in the equine environment. The patch is not being ruined and no substantial amount of battery is being used, it is just the bulb that is lit. Patch needs to be laid out to dry before being stored on its plastic sheet.
  3. Be careful to avoid cutting the wires. If the wire does not connect the two pads, then the MCT Patch will not work.
  4. MCT Patch is no longer sticky. If this occurs, it is still fully functional. Simply use gel and enough tape to hold it in place. If desired, purchase Tac Gel to re-apply stickiness.
  5. Skin reaction. If a horse has a skin reaction, it is most likely due to the adhesive from either the MCT Patch or the Tac Gel. If a horse is extremely sensitive the skin reaction may be from long-term use of the MCT Patch.
  6. Do not use on the following: Do not use on pregnant animals. Do not place directly over open wounds. And do not use to treat laminitis.

Horses’ lower legs are easy to treat with the Matrix MCT Patch. Horses’ tendon and ligament injuries respond well to the use of the Matrix MCT Patch, which includes treating tears, core lesions, strains, and in general any damage or trauma to the horse’s legs. Even hairline fractures can be treated.

MCT Patches can provide versatile treatments, such as on the bottom of horses’ hooves. The patches are great for treating abscesses and various hoof conditions. Reports have come in that the Matrix microcurrent patch is great for horses with stone bruises and heel pain. Be sure to follow treatment protocol when applying to hoof.


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