Relieve Your Dog’s Pain: with Infrasound & Microcurrent

Help Your Dog Feel Good with with these At-Home Therapies

Using Microcurrent and Infrasound Therapies

The dog breeding practices to for size and certain looks, along with inbreeding, have produced dogs with a host of medical conditions almost unheard of 20 years ago. Combined with over-feeding and lack of exercise, dogs today suffer many of the same aches and pains people do. In addition to the obvious options such as improved diet, exercise, medications, and surgery there are therapy treatments and tools that can help keep your dog more comfortable. Acupuncture is one option that can bring dogs relief and is often paired with herbal supplements.

Treatments you can do yourself without a vet

Use an infrasound massager (or Qi Gong massager). The same way it works for our aches and pain it can really help your dog. It is easy to hold the handle on or close to (does not have to touch) the area that hurts. If a dog’s hips are arthritic or have hip dysplasia, the infrasound massager can get some fast relief in a 10-15 minute session. Dogs experiencing the pain relief from the Qi Gong massager will go to the spot they receive treatment (like by your favorite easy chair) and wait for their next session. This becomes a special time for both of you. It feels good knowing you can administer this simple, effective treatment with absolutely no adverse side effects.

Based on many testimonials of dogs with hip issues, a visit to a good dog chiropractor and using an infrasound massager has saved many dogs from hip dysplasia surgery or uncomfortable arthritis. My neighbor did this course of treatment with her young Golden Retriever that was a diagnosed with hip socket misalignment so bad surgery would only have a 50/50 chance of working. Today, as an avid horse women, her dog does miles of trails with her and the only maintenance is an occasional Qi Gong Machine massage treatment. Her dog lets her know when he wants his treatment.

Treatment Steps

Infrasound massagers are very simple to use. Turn it on and choose the low setting to start and work up to medium and high, letting your dog tell you which setting he/she likes best (if the device has various settings). Dogs will also indicate if they like it touching or simply held close. Set the timer (if it has one) for 10-20 or 30 minutes, and that’s it. Repeat as necessary, up to two times daily.

How it Works

Infrasound massagers use a unique, random mix of very low frequencies imposed on sound waves to deliver a therapeutic massage that feels like a gentle low bass thump. Sound waves are an excellent carrier of the frequencies allowing for deep penetration into the tissue, improving blood circulation while relaxing tissue in spasm. Customers say temporary relief in some cases will last for days with the overall condition often improving to the point of restored health.

As with any product, you may wish to consult your veterinarian first if you have any concerns using this product. If your dog is suffering from fracture, tendon, or ligament damage then microcurrent can be beneficial to heal the dog’s injury. Microcurrent and the Qi Gong Machine are complimentary to each other, and each have particular strengths. Another customer discovery is that her dog pulled away from the massager not liking the sensation. Sort of like the old fashioned tuning fork test used in the doctor’s office. The frequency from the tuning fork would create a painful sensation if fractured and then an x-ray would be ordered to confirm. She later learned her dog had a hairline ankle fracture.

For the hairline fracture, the dog wore a Matrix MCT Patch for a couple of weeks and fully recovered. For show dogs doing agility and sports, like catching the frisbee in the park, the infrasound massager would be a wonderful treatment for improving performance while maintaining joint comfort. That’s of course, after you treat your own knees and aching back!

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