Sudden Onset Uveitis Treatment

In May 2018, my mare Phoenix, a 10-12 year old grey Andalusian cross, had very sudden onset Uveitis. It was like one day she was fine and the next day she was bumping into things and jumping if I came up and touched her on her right side. Her pupil stopped responding to light and rapidly started shrinking. Eventually over the next couple months, there was no visible pupil at all.

The initial diagnosis was uveitis, and while there was some swelling and sensitivity to her eye, this did not progress like normal Equine Recurrent Uveitis. The loss of vision was so sudden without the recurreing episodes of draining, swelling, and pain. She just didn’t have vision one day. I ended up taking her for a second opinion where the vet decided to use the ultrasound on her eye. This showed us that she had some sort of mass forming on the inside of her eye. The vet was surprised that her eye wasn’t giving her much/if any pain and said that if the mass continued to grow or started causing her pain, her eye would need to be removed. 

The concern has been that the mass is a melanoma. At this point, she has no other tumors or melanoma spots on her body. Without doing a biopsy, there is no way to know what this mass is, and I am not comfortable with her eye being biopsied at this time. The problem with melanomas is that they can spread and turn into Lymphoma. She has had some issues with her salivary glad areas being swollen and the swelling spreading to her cheeks. Her salivary glands were also ultrasounded and they was no visible tumors. When this swelling acts up, I use microcurrrent therapy as well as PEMF Rings attached to the inside of her fly mask for a low-level all-day treatment, which has kept the swelling at bay. 

At this point, Phoenix still has her right eye and her left eye is doing well with no vision loss. I have done a lot of work with veterinarians, bodyworkers, holistic healers, nutrition therapy, and I have used my microcurrent and other therapy equipment that I have. Phoenix has not received any steroids, drugs, or NSAIDS during this process and she is back to her happy self. She is under saddle and has adjusted very well to having lack of vision in her right eye. 

Treatments Utilized:

-All Body Treatment w/ Best Vet III to support her whole body 

-Glove work on her face, around eyes, poll and upper cervical area

-SoundWave with transducer held a couple inches away from eye and face area

-Battery Powered PEMF rings

Phoenix recently had extensive bodywork done including cranial sacral work on her face and myofascial release. This has greatly helped her entire body, and I have especially noticed improvement in the symmetry of her face. Her eye is draining and becoming clearer, as well as the swelling in her salivary glad/cheek area is staying swelling free without the use of MCT or the PEMF rings. The newest therapy that we are using on Phoenix’s eye (in the sunken orbit above the eye) is the Rainbow Meridian Laser/Light w/ Green Light Pen.