The Matrix Ultra Low SoundWave Therapy

Learn about the benefits and applications of this infrasound therapy device.

Ultra-low Soundwave therapy (infrasound) has been with us for decades and is STILL fabulous. It’s always been a favorite at race tracks and is commonly offered by bodyworkers in every discipline. Dogs, horses, and people all find it oh-so-soothing.

The Matrix Ultra Low SoundWave Massager provides fast-acting benefits of ultra-low (infrasound) sound waves with the freedom and ease of treatment that handheld devices allow. Battery technology has improved, enabling these devices to have a small lithium battery pack option.

The Matrix SoundWave (a Qi machine) is no bigger than a smartphone, and the controller only weighs 7.5oz. The run time for the optional battery back is approximately 50 hours. The Matrix Ultra Low SoundWave massager features low and medium settings and timer selection options. It also has dual inputs for two handheld transducers to be used simultaneously. The handheld transducers come in palm-sized circular and the classic large handle (best for horses). 

About Ultra Low SoundWave Therapy

The normal range of human hearing is from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, and the Qi Gong therapeutic massagers operate in the 8-14 Hz range. Frequencies below 20 Hz are infrasonic (ultra low), while those above 20,000 Hz are ultrasonic. Sound waves are an excellent carrier of frequencies and can penetrate deep into the tissue, which improves blood circulation while relaxing tissue spasms. Users say that in some cases, temporary relief will last for days and that the overall condition often improves to the point of restored health.

Infrasound therapy has a dramatic effect on reducing fresh swellings, hematomas, and edemas. Usually, swelling on any part of the body can be reduced with just two to three treatments of around 10 to 15 minutes. This ultra-low sound therapy is also great for relaxing tight muscles and provides soothing pain relief, ideal for sore withers and shoulders. If any area is too sore for direct contact, the infrasound massager can be held several inches away, providing fast-acting benefits.

Additional health benefits include:

  • Release endorphins necessary to reduce pain
  • Relieve muscle spasms
  • Provides fast pain relief
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves tissue quality
  • Releases natural cortisone to reduce swelling
  • Resolve injuries more readily by removing toxins and increasing blood supply

Applications Include:

  • Reducing swelling & inflammation: hematomas, edemas, and more
  • Hoof issues: pain, abscesses
  • Relieving general soreness
  • Arthritic joints
  • Fresh Injuries, especially those that are too sensitive to contact
  • Safe to combine with other therapies, such as microcurrent and light therapy

This isn’t recommended for fractures due to the vibration.

This is the perfect product to return to when you have had enough of high-powered PEMF exposure. Or, like me, I would never allow any animal I care about to be exposed to high-powered PEMF, so it’s a natural-to-use product that meets the Matrix criteria of Maintain, Heal, Protect.