Using the Mini Roller Electrode

The Mini Roller Electrode is a massage tool by itself, best used when connected to a microcurrent stimulator. With a microcurrent therapy device, the Mini Roller is one part of a two-part setup.

In the picture below, the setup being used is a stick-on pad electrode (not visible) that has been placed medically (inside) of the hock and the Mini Roller is being used on the lower legs to treat a horse’s windpuffs. With this hock-to-lower-leg setup the electrical stimulation is being tightly focused in only this area to treat a horse with chronic wind puffs.

The goal here is to reduce the swelling and relieve pain. The aggravated swelling causes pain and pressure on the annular ligaments. This condition is seen in many performances horses. Any swelling in a race horse is promptly dealt with, but is too often ignored as a blemish in other disciplines.

To treat; use water and Matrix Gel (or ultrasound gel) to prepare the treatment sites on a clean horse. An electrode pad prepared with gel is placed in the hock area and secured with tape. The lower leg is wetted and generously covered in gel.

The mini roller is rolled up and down and slightly at a angle side to side to fully cover the entire fetlock. As the tissue is worked, the swelling will become soft. As you continue, the puffiness is usually visibly reduced and tighter within 5-10 minutes per side. Attention should be paid to not roll to hard, nor to softly. When rolling just right, the tissue will move more as it get softer. Don’t press any harder than if you were hand massaging. Keep applying gel and or water as needed. If it dries, the electrical current cannot flow and the skin will be irritated. Keep sessions to a maximum of 20 minutes when using the Mini Roller on sore and sensitive areas. Be sure to keep moving around and working the tissue. Common mistakes are to overwork an area to the point of annoyance. This treatment can be repeated 3-4 times a week as needed as a stand alone treatment. Or, incorporated with other complimentary treatments for more comfortable and faster recovery.

Examples: Complimentary treatments to Chronic Wind Puffs protocol.

  1. Follow up with 24/7 MCT Patches
  2. Follow up with Iontophoresis
  3. Follow up with standing wraps or Cool Cast leg bandages.
  4. Cold Compression Wraps.
  5. All body micro current treatments to relieve compensation.

Using the Mini roller with micro current on other parts of the body such as hips, shoulders, back and neck, is a great alternative to hand massage. More area is treated simultaneously because it is one part of a two part system. The Mini Roller is “talking” to where ever the other electrode is placed.

This could even be your hand that is wearing an electrode glove or pad placed at the poll, withers, croup, or wherever. In facial rejuvenation treatments at your nearby spa, salon, or acupuncturist, the Mini Roller is popular in working the neck and sagging jowl area. With regular use, micro current stimulation and the Mini Roller improves flaccid weak tissue in horses hips and necks too.

Using the Mini Roller on Windpuffs.

Using the roller for a shoulder treatment.

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